Monday, August 13, 2012

Picture Polish Pshiit with Smitten Polish I Want it Now

Good Morning, friends :-) :-)
I have another beauty from Smitten Polish for you today, I Want it Now! I can not tell you enough how stunningly gorgeous this baby is. What a lovely mixture of green and black glitter. The black glitter is just perfect!! It's sparse enough to keep it looking all green. It's really a stunner and I would love to have another bottle of this ;-) The formula? Perfection!!! I am blown away by Smitten Polish, after chatting with her, I can tell you she works super hard making her formulas including algebra and all sorts of difficult equations. Her hard work sure does show :-) :-)
Thinking of which polish would be the perfect undie, I decided on Picture Polish's new Pshiit. Pshiit. is a lovely gorgeous emerald green with blue and gold. The formula for Pshiit is TO DIE FOR!! The duochrome on this baby is super intense. It gives you intense color shift in any lighting! Picture this: the blue and green duo with gold micro glitter lighting up the top of your nails!! AhMazing!!! I took pics of Phsiit alone. Then pics of I Want it Now on top.
The final coats after I Want it Now is one coat of Glitter Tamer, One Gelous and then finally Seche Vite.
I recently purchased on Etsy, Glitter Food Fix a Flat. It is suppose to quench hungry glitters and rescue polishes that have glitters sinking to the bottom. As soon as I get it, I will let you know how well it works :-) :-)
Onto the Pics, Enjoy!!

Picture Polish Phsiit

Picture Polish PShiit Macro, see the gold glitter? Gorgeous!!!

Smitten Polish I Want it Now

SMitten Polish I Want it Now

Smitten Polish I Want it Now

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