Friday, August 10, 2012


   Here is the Sweet and Beautiful Dandelion :-) :-) I just adore the white and yellow, so pretty!! This Polish was easy to use. You do get a decent amount of glitter on the brush when applying. The formula is a real pleasure to use :-) I just adore this color combo, I mean pure innocent white with the hints of a gorgeous yellow. Idk, if it was coincidence or not, but Lynnderella had and has a similar polish up for bid in her ebay store. Lynnderella's polish is called 'Huevos Ladies?'. Which I have to have!! The egg yellow glitter Lynnderella uses n hers, is unbelievablely GORGEOUS!!!! The day the first bottle got put up for auction, I was browsing Etsy and found this polish, Dandelion made by Naild'it. I really wanted it so I could quench my thirst for Huevos Ladies?. When it arrived in the mail, I had to remove my polish and paint my nails right away! Just couldnt get it on fast enough as I had been day dreaming about Lynn's polish. I noticed in the polish there was dark and some random multi glitter in it. I thought to myself, I wonder if this was an attempt to use microglitter in this polish? hmmmm. I mean this glitters in my opinion ruined the innocent look of it. While applying the polish I knew right away it's not suppose to be there. There's just no way! I mean this polish is very pretty and those random glitters just ruin it.
I wrote Andeevie on Etsy and sent her this pic of my nails and the bottle. Sure enough she said they weren't suppose to be in there and would I like another polish to replace it? I did not hesitate and oh yes I would love that :-) :-) She was very kind to do that without requesting me to invest money and time of sending the defective polish back to her. I figured I would post this pic of the polish. Simply because the color combo is just so unique and Gorgeous!!! I will make another post, when the second bottle arrives so you can see how the polish will look without those dark and multi glitters in it. SO, my friends here is Dandelion :-) :-)

Naild'it Dandelion

For this mani, other than a base coat, I used one coat on Essie Marshmallow. On top of Marshmallow,  I used two coats of Dandelion than one coat of Gelous. Then my favorite top coat, Seche Vite. Don't you just love this color combo? Do you see those random misplaced glitters? Can't wait to get the real version of this polish as I find these colors just stunning!! It kind of reminds of the beautiful spring, when looking at it. Naild'it has some gorgeous polishes in her Etsy store. You should check it out :-) :-)
Hope you all have a Lovely day, my friends!!!

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