Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hare Polish King of The Carat Flowers and Bury the Hatchetfish

I have a couple lovely Hare's to share with you today :-) I  received these babies two days ago! I was lucky enough to snag them on it's first, Oct.10th release on Llarowe. I love the blue glowing iridescence in this new collection. These polishes are even more stunning in person! During Llarowe's recent website launch, I was able to snag Pegasus, Bisbee and A Positive. I will post swatches of those, just as soon as I get them :-)
The first polish I wore was The King of Carat Flowers. I was so surprised with both of these Hare's, that the formula was sooooo unbelievably thick. It made me thick of Crowstoes. I did post on Hare's FB asking her for what she suggested I do, to thin it out a bit. I have some Sally's Polish Thinner. But I wasn't sure if I should use it or not. As hard to get and popular that these are, I don't want to take a chance on ruining them. A kind Fb fan responded to my post and suggested I use Seche Vite restore. Crazy enough, as many times as I have heard people chat of this, I dont own it. So I did order some on Amazon and will definitely use it to thin these out.
The same day I received my first order of Hare's I also received Opi the Man with the Golden Gun!!! It drives me nuts when it's like which one do I choose!! I really wanted to wear a Hare, but really wanted to wear my 18k top coat too! In my mind I thought hmmm King of Carat Flowers? That name sounds like it's fate to be used with my new gold top coat :-) :-) It didn't make the gold 'Pop'. But I think it did look very together :-) So first up is King of Carat Flowers :-) I didn't use any undies for this polish. What you see is 2 coats of Carat. I then topped it with the 18k top coat. Next up was gelous and then Seche Vite. On to the pics :-)
This polish has Gold Hexes and squares in it. But You can definitely see the gold leafs laying on top :-D

I was so excited to see this huge piece of gold lay on my thumb!! It really was a big piece of gold!! Love this top coat :-D

Another close up of my big piece of 18k :-D I love my ring finger in this pic. This mani looked really nice even in the shade of the bottle!! I love gold!!!

Took this pic right after opening the box :-D Love the packaging Opi did. I also adore the gold mirror finish those choose for the bottle. It's soo fancy <3

Next up is Bury the Hatchetfish. I experimented with a few different undies for this polish. Without a doubt my choose was China Glaze Jungle Queen. Jungle Queen is Opi's version of Chanel's Paradoxal. It really transformed Hare's murky brown Hatchetfish to a dark taupy, smoked purple. And omg! It made this polish come alive! There are so many sparks of different colors that came to life. It's truely a stunning site to behold. Unfortunately the camera wasn't picking up the strong purple in this mani. But I was able to capture a taste of the color sparks that were coming out. Starring at this mani, I was thinking hmmmmm I wonder how that 18k gold leaf would look with this? I bet it would look gorgeous!!! since my mani is complete, i might try that next time :-D 
This polish was a hungry glitter polish. So I did add one coat of Glitter Food. It also needed two coats of gelous. I then topped it off with Seche Vite. Like I stated earlier in this post, this mani was alot more purple in person. For some reason, the strong purple didn't pull thru in my pics. It definitely didn't look like the murky brown, which is the natural color in the bottle :-) I hope you enjoy this pics and I will tty next time :-) Hugs!!!

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