Friday, October 5, 2012

Lynnderella Early Resurrection Halloween Collection 2012

I finally received Lynn's Early Halloween Resurrected Collection. This collection is Spectacular!! Totally exceeds my expectations. To give it enough credit I would say it is Epic of Stellar Proportions!!! Can't beat that !!! :-) :-) Where to even begin? I first took pics of the new polishes to compare the new formulas. I've only had the chance to swatch Stars in Her Eyes. Which I found out is going to be replaced due to the fact that it was accidently made with non-solvent glitter. I couldn't resist to do a mani with it anyway :-) So, here it is with one of Girly Bits new Halloween polishes called Fright Night. Fright Night is an awesome new Halloween polish. Love the black and red together :-) I used two coats of Fright Night. On top of Essence's plain black polish, also one coat. I then put one coat of Stars in her eyes. Topping were the usual one coat Glitter tamer, One coat gelous and one coat of Seche Vite. It was kinda difficult taking pics of this mani due to the fact that the sparkle from the glitter is everywhere, Bling Bling, baby!!! Love this combo and can't stop starring at my nails!! I can't wait to get the real version of Stars in her Eyes, because I bet it will be Bling-tacular!!!
But Regardless, my jaw was dropped as I unwrapped each and everyone of these precious creations. In the future, I will have lots of pics of mani's with these new polishes, let the fun begin!!!
So here is some pics of the polish bottles :-) :-) I also included a pic of a Lynnderella Halloween polish I snagged on a blog sale :-) :-) :-)
There is tons of pics in this post. I just went camera happy :-) :-)
Lynnderella Early Halloween Resurrected 2012

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From Left to Right:
Old-Bibbitty Bobbitty Boo Blue
New-Once in a Blue Rune
Old-Mlle Violette De Bleu

Left to Right:
New- The Bride Turned Blue
Old-The Bride of Franken

Left to Right:
Old-Cauldron drippings
New-Witch Cauldron Was It?

Left to Right:
New- Very Witchy Business
New- Early Halloween

Left to Right:
Old- Ruby Red Ruby
New- Undead Red

Left to Right:
Old- Shape Shifter
New- Shape Shifter

Left to Right:
New- She Lived in a Swamp
Old- She Lived in a Swamp

Left to Right:
Old- Love Potion 99
New- Love Potion 99.9

Left to Right:
Old- Very Pretty Vampire
New- Very Pretty Vampire

Early Halloween  I Love this!!!


Ghost of a Chance


VamPink I love the little heart I captured in the pic about mid way down the bottle. It's peeking out, see it? SO adorable!!!

Very Witchy Business

Girly Bits Fright Night

Girly Bits Fright Night

Fright Night and Stars in Her Eyes

Fright Night and Stars in Her Eyes

Fright Night and Stars in Her Eyes

Fright Night and Stars in Her Eyes

Fright Night and Stars in Her Eyes
Super close up of my mani. Stars in her Eyes, glitter is sooo blingy, it was hard to keep camera focused

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