Sunday, August 5, 2012

I wanted to do a comparison post of Lynnderella's Golden Rules versus Change. even though they are both a blingy gold polish, they really could never be more different. Okay, just above is Golden Rules, WOW!! Bling Bling baby!!! Lynn calls it a golden version of Shape Shifter and that is the perfect way to describe it. It has all the lovely shape shifter glitters but in gold!! The large gold hex glitters are larger than the largest glitters in Change. It's those super large glitters and the Shape Shifter glitters, that set these two apart. And man oh man I love wearing this polish. I get more compliments than you could imagine, when wearing this. I even got unexpected compliments, like from older men! Usually it's mostly women that throw you compliments on nail polish. But ladies, then men love this one too!!! See the star on my pinky? I love that!! I can not praise Golden rules enough. I will tell you what, I loved it so sooo much I bought a back up bottle!! I have backups of all the lynn's I really cherish :-) especially since I like to lay my glitters on thickly. Basically covering almost the whole nail with it.  Golden rules and Change both needed one coat of Glitter Tamer along with one coat of Gelous and Seche Vite :-) :-)
Lynnderella Change

I adore my bottle of Change as I am a golden kinda girl :-) In this bottle there is all sorts of large and small golden glitters along with Gold bars. It's genius how she added the occasional pop of red and orange!! I am just nuts about the gold glitters Lynn uses which is gold but it has a rainbow sheen to it.  so pretty :-) :-) This happened to be one of the Bday presents I received from my husband, Thank You baby :-) :-)

I hope you liked these pics. If you were contemplating between needing both in your collection, you do! They both are very different and each has it's own different attraction's. I am so into Lynnderella's SSSS all the colors are TO DIE FOR!!!

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