Sunday, March 31, 2013

Emerald City and Emerald City Lights

I have been sooo excited to show off these two new polishes!! I approached Pam a while back asking if she could create my dream polish. I adore emeralds! The finest and most beautiful emeralds in the world come from Muzo, Columbia. They come in differents shades of green. But, the most beautiful emeralds cast a strong inner blue glow. This inner glow sets them apart from all others. I do own Columbian emerald, I have n a ring. Its freaking gorgeous! it makes me feel like I am looking into an exotic ocean off the east coast somewhere, simply divine!!
She would send me pics along the way, as she feverishly started tweaking the colors to find that perfect color. Well she did :-D This my friends, became Emerald City and Emerald City Lights. Pam's precious daughter came up with Emerald City, I thought it was perfect!!!
Emerald City lights is my dream polish fulfilled by Pam <3 When she told me I could reach opaque with a few coats and would need undies, I asked if she could make me a base coat. I wanted this base coat to be made specifically for Emerald City Lights. Boy oh boy, did Pam execute! Emerald City itself is a gorgeous emerald green!
I am going to post a pic of a Muzo, Columbia Emerald. You can see how she captured that sinfully beautiful inner glow. *dies*

Gorgeous Columbian Emerald

Left to Right:
Emerald City and Emerald City Lights

Pam will be releasing this polish for sale in the near future. Keep an eye out on Girly Bits fb page for updates!



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    2. Isn't it Gorgeous!! Pam is sooo AhMazing!
      I thnk she should make a Fine Gem Collex!! WOuldn't that be sooo Beautiful :-) :-)