Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Lynnderella Seasons Glitterings!!

I wanted to make a post showing you all the glittery goodness in Lynnderella's new collection! Also, you might be curious like me, to know how some of these polishes compare to past releases. I thought some of them were close to dupe, in color. But boy oh boy, was I ever wrong!! I have only done one mani, since receiving, my lovelies yesterday evening :-) I will post it at the end

Look at all this Heavenly Christmas Glitter!!!

Candy Wrapper and A Party of a Dress

Elf Assured and New Year's Eve!!!

Elf Love and Angel Food

Gingerbread Hearts and Elf Awareness

The Present is a Gift and Spumoni

Do You See What I See? and Ice the Snowflake ( one of my favs)!!!

Season's Glitterings !! I love Lynn's originality! she thinks out the box, she Rocks!!!

Thank Blue and Thank Blue, Too!!

Left to right:
She Lived in a Swamp
Salad Days
Do You See What I See?
I can Afford It
All Hallow's Eve

Left to right:
The Garden of Even
A Party of a Dress
The Telltale Heart

Left to right:
Elf Assured
The Present is a Gift
Inner Space
Elf Love

Left to right:
Lace, Love, Lilacs
Ice the Snowflake
Snow Angel

Left to right:
I Don't Mean Rhinestones
Thank Blue!
Thank Blue, Too!!
Deep Blue Seeing

Left to right:
Attitude Adjust-Mint

And today's Mani!! 3 coats of a Color Club polish, I can't remember the name of, sorry :-( With 2 coats of the new Ice The Snowflake. You would not believe the amount of sparkle Snowflake has!! It's insane!! Pinks and blues! I couldn't capture it on camera. But trust me when I say, You NEED this!! It is 100% different than LLL and Snow Angel!! In fact each of these polishes, in the new collection, is totally different than any other, Lynn has released. You have to have this collection, so look out for it on Ebay :-) :-)

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