Monday, September 2, 2013

CrowsToes One Trick Pony!

Good Day to you, my Friends!
I have been sooo loving OTP! I will tell you what CrowsToes never disappoints and sure does know how to make unique polishes :-) It's that too freaking die for plummy purple to this polish, I adore sooo much! It's deep and mystical at the same time. 
I used no undies for this mani. Only 3 coats of this yumminess :-D
Hope you enjoy the pics. I wonder if you also own this one? I hope you love it as much as me

I wish ya'll a Beautiful Day! 
And I Thank You for stopping by

Friday, August 16, 2013

CrowsToes Me and This Army n Storms Never Last

Hello, My Friends!
I am dieing to share with you two recent purchases from Crows One Mad, Crazy Summer Collex! These two polishes are absolute beauties! Crows know how to put insane shimmer in a polish! The best part is it's never timid or shy. I LOVE the bam in your face shimmer from her polishes. They are sooo beautiful and unique, I am almost at a loss of words! almost :-D
First up is Me and This Army. I freaking Love the name of this polish! it's so bad a** :-) :-)
I did notice on the swatches given when the collex launched, that it seems to be a tiny bit on the sheer side. But the mixture of Army green and a kickn purple shimmer, was too awesome not to buy! SO I decided to use undies. I choose Zoya's Suvi, one coat. I then followed up with two coats of MnTA! My choice to use undies, made the Army green alot darker than it is in the bottle. I think next time I will use it without undies :-) :-)
Loved this mani though, check it out!

Next up is Storms Never Last. Okay, this polish is out of this world kinda Gorgeous! I mean just look at the galaxy-type beauty, bursting out my nails! OMG! I am telling you that YOU NEED THIS! you will not be disappointed! As a matter of fact it might be my favorite from this collection! 
This mani is sooo drool worthy, Hahahaha!! I just love it!
Once again, I did choose to use undies. It's because I really wanted to bring out that kickn shimmer. I choose Opi's Russian Navy. Speaking of which, have you seen Russian Navy? Oh my! it's totally Beautiful! You really should pick that one up. It's not a new polish. It seems to be for sale in alot of stores. 
Anyway, so I used one coat of Opi's RN and two of SNL!!
I am giddy over this mani, I hope you Love it too :-)

I only had these two pics to share with you. Are you excited yet :-D Will you buy either of these? I will share more as I mani them up. 
Have a Lovely Day, My Friends!!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Enchanted's Ice Castle and Disney!!!

Hi Ya'll!!
I first off want to apologize for the long long hiatus, since last post. I have been super busy with Life in general and my kitties! They are two bengal sisters, whom have loved and lived together for several years now. Only to turn on each other in a one hour time period, while I was asleep. We had a Cat Behaviorist come to our home and get us on a plan to work them back together. I have been sooo stressed past few months, constantly having to keep them separated, its been tough! But hopefully within about 6 or 7 months, we will have it worked back to normal, fingers crossed!
I did my first "Dry Stamping" recently and love it sooo much, I was dieing to share with you! Idk if you have ever tried this or not but Here is the link to the blog where I discovered this fun stamping!!
I purchased this Limited Edition stamping plate from MyOnline Shop Here . I Love the stamping plates she offers. They are loads of fun and endless possibilities!
Dry Stamping is loads of fun too! You can decorate your stamp with either acrylics or nail polish! Also I love the fact that you can have total control on where you place your stamp. I never can seem to exactly center my stamps and with this way, it's perfect every time!
Okay, so for this mani, I have on coat of Cult Nail's Tempest. Followed up with two coats of Enchanted's Ice Castle, sooo Gorgeous!!! After adding the prepared stamps, I added a topcoat to seal it in :-) :-) Then I used some nail tape and a rhinestone on the blank fingers. Now, my full intention was to have a princess for each finger. But I was too hasty and tore several of them :-( But, I still love how this turned out.
Oh yes! I couldn't resist posting this mani without throwing in some pics of my precious babies!!!

Have a Lovely Day, My Friends!!
As always, Thank You for Looking!! 
And Good Luck with your stamping :-) :-) :-)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Opi Bond Girl Honey Ryder and Pussy Galore

Afternoon, My Lovlies!!

I wanted to share with you some mani's I did recently. I had pre-ordered the entire Bond Girls collex and have got around to mani'ing these two.  I have been having alot of problems at home with my two Bengals. They have decided not to get along :-( It's been keeping me super busy at home. So for some time now, haven't had the time to post. I apologize for that.
Finally I am home from work, what a sucky day, Blah! and was determined to post this. I must say that idk why, but I have been avoiding, almost running away from the sand finish polishes. I thought it would aggravate me to death. Maybe like picking at it constantly or something. But when I did these two mani's I was sooo hooked! the finish is super gorgeous on! And it's not as texturize feeling as I thought it would be. The heavy glitter in all of them, is truly Beautiful!
Anyhow, on to the Gorgeous pics! Honey Ryder!!  :-) :-)

Next up is Pussy Galore! what a name, lol. But the polish is once again, so freaking pretty!! the last pic is blurry. I just wanted you to see how much these babies sparkle <3

I hope ya'll have a Lovely Evening and Thank You for Looking

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Ninja Polish Shillelagh with Lynnderella Golden Rules!!!!

Here I used Ninja Polish's Shillelagh, which shifts to gold, as undies! I then used Golden Rules up the side of each nail. I really really Love the way it turned out and thought I would share with you :-) :-) :-) Please excuse my index finger. I had way tooo much Gelous on my brush and it drowned out my finger and caused that shine, lol. This mani would have been awesome for St Patrick's Day!!

Thank You for looking and Have a Lovely Day!!!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Dollish Polish's Crystal Empire and It's So Fluffy, I'm Gonna Die!

I have been sooo excited over Dollish Polish's Crystal Empire!
Inspired by My Little Pony, it couldn't be more perfect! I adore the color mixture of these glitters! 
I choose China Glaze's For Audrey, to use as undies. I was going to use Your so Budapest. But I didn't because I think Dolly used a similar color to that, on her swatch pics. So i wanted to use something different :-D
There is sooo many different glitters in this mix! I was digging out something new and pretty with each brush load! I really Love the big silver holographic circles in there. They are super duper gorgeous!!!

Please excuse the three pieces of rogue glitter on my middle finger :-0

It's so Fluffy, I'm Gonna Die is a gorgeous pink with assorted darker pink glitters. I was rambling thru my polishes looking for the perfect, or shall I say, a close matched pink. I wasn't sure how opaque it was going to be. So I had decided to use undies. Looking at me was one of Dolly's holiday release polishes, Strawberry Cream. It's the perfect pink color if you were wanting undies! I used one coat under two coats of Fluffy. 
I wanted to add something fun to my pics, so I grabbed different things around the house, lol. Of course a doll would have been a perfect match to Dolly's logo. But I don't have any dolls. So I ended up using some Japanese china and a Victorian doll.
Formula was awesome with both polishes. I didn't get as much glitter out of Fluffy, as I would have liked two. So I fished around a bit for them. I also pushed them around on my nail to get them where I wanted them.

Thank you for looking at my pics :-)

Have an Awesome Day!!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Lacquistry AMAZEBALLZ!!!

I come with a near loss of words. First off, Lacquistry Nail Polish made a polish I have never heard of. This is Amazeballz!!!!!
It's a polish made of metal not glitter. I was drawn in immediately! Oh! and I need at least one backup:-) Anyways, this baby is super flush on your nail you cant even feel bumps or the flakes. its the most unusual thing. Also clean up? As us Italians say, Forget About It! :-) Comes off like butter.
I used NO top coat for this pic cause I wasn't sure what was going to happen. After I took these pics I added a top coat. It made made this polish shine even brighter! If thats even possible to say :-D
Showing it to Jordan, he said it looked like I have Gold Bars for finger nails! it's Simply Divine!
I could even see myself in the nails while taking pics! Jordan helped me show you how reflective this polish is. I could even see myself in the nails while taking pics! so if you spot blue, its my tv IN THE OTHER ROOM! the green and Red? They are Xmas lids. The black shows my clothing. He held them up near my nails to show you how reflective this polish really is!
I think Jenna will be restocking her store one more time. Stalk her Etsy store Here and FB page Here for a restock. Hint Hint... I would Love to see more polishes made of kind of metal in the future. It Rocks so hard over Glitter, anyday!!
OMG! I just thought of something...Can you imagine driving on a sunny day with this polish on, while driving! Woooowsers!!!
Jenna You Rock!!

 As Always, Thank You For Looking!!