Sunday, December 9, 2012

Lacquistry Snow-Way Jose

I finally received my lacquistry order yesterday, Yay!! I bought 12 of them and it was sooo hard to choose which to use first! I choose the snow polish :-) It really is sooo gorgeous! It has pearly Iridescent  and micro blue glitter. It truly does remind me of snow glistening in the sun. How cool, is the names Jenna comes up with! Wish I was that creative, lol <3
I hope you were able to snag some of the winter polishes in her launch, recently. There were sooo many! About 14 of them! I have such a hard time saying no to Lacquistry, her glitter polishes are like no others. Sooo So many more mani's to come with this collection. I have accumulated way too many Xmas polishes, theres no way I could wear all them before Christmas! Xmas, has such a special place in my heart, as it is such a magical holiday. I love the lights and Christmas cheer :-) But most of all, the polish :-D
So, I ended up using 3 coats of Snow-Way. I topped it off with one Gelous and one Seche Vite. This polish dried, dry. So it needed some shine. Between the Gelous and Seche Vite, It was perfect :-)

Wow! lol, had my kitty Dixie in my lap, while painting this mani, totally didn't notice that little hair, till making this post, lol. It's a good shot to show those gorgeous glitters in the bottle. 
You can really see those Iridescent glitters in this pic :-)

This pic captured the blue glitters very well. Along with the white hexes, squares, shards and circles

Another awesome shot of the glitters :-) yeah Ia m crazy about the glitters in this polish, can't you tell :-D

Thats all the pics, I have to post, If you missed out on any lacquistry's you've wanted. Jenna will be stocking her Etsy store again soon. she posted that after all her packages go out, she will post remaining left over polishes :-D

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Gosh 549 Original Versus Gosh Hero

I did a vid last nite to show you all the difference between the original and new. I couldn't believe it! They changed where the new one was made. The original was made in Denmark, the new one was made in France! And let me tell you, the formula is 100% different!!
look for yourself :-) I used a small desk lamp for lighting, in a dark living room. The original blows my away, every time I wear it!!

Be sure to expand it to full screen and change the quality to 1080 HD <3

Heres a couple pics of the bottles I took
Old on Left and new on Right

New is on Left. You can see comparing the two bottles, how the holo is completely different!! I love the rainbows in the original!!!

Lynnderella Seasons Glitterings!!

I wanted to make a post showing you all the glittery goodness in Lynnderella's new collection! Also, you might be curious like me, to know how some of these polishes compare to past releases. I thought some of them were close to dupe, in color. But boy oh boy, was I ever wrong!! I have only done one mani, since receiving, my lovelies yesterday evening :-) I will post it at the end

Look at all this Heavenly Christmas Glitter!!!

Candy Wrapper and A Party of a Dress

Elf Assured and New Year's Eve!!!

Elf Love and Angel Food

Gingerbread Hearts and Elf Awareness

The Present is a Gift and Spumoni

Do You See What I See? and Ice the Snowflake ( one of my favs)!!!

Season's Glitterings !! I love Lynn's originality! she thinks out the box, she Rocks!!!

Thank Blue and Thank Blue, Too!!

Left to right:
She Lived in a Swamp
Salad Days
Do You See What I See?
I can Afford It
All Hallow's Eve

Left to right:
The Garden of Even
A Party of a Dress
The Telltale Heart

Left to right:
Elf Assured
The Present is a Gift
Inner Space
Elf Love

Left to right:
Lace, Love, Lilacs
Ice the Snowflake
Snow Angel

Left to right:
I Don't Mean Rhinestones
Thank Blue!
Thank Blue, Too!!
Deep Blue Seeing

Left to right:
Attitude Adjust-Mint

And today's Mani!! 3 coats of a Color Club polish, I can't remember the name of, sorry :-( With 2 coats of the new Ice The Snowflake. You would not believe the amount of sparkle Snowflake has!! It's insane!! Pinks and blues! I couldn't capture it on camera. But trust me when I say, You NEED this!! It is 100% different than LLL and Snow Angel!! In fact each of these polishes, in the new collection, is totally different than any other, Lynn has released. You have to have this collection, so look out for it on Ebay :-) :-)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Candeo Nail lacquer Fallen

Ever since Halloween past, I am all eyes ahead to winter and Christmas :-) I recently purchased Candeo's Fallen, from her winter collection. Theres so many endless possibilities with this polish. It's really the most fun experimenting and stamping! Here is two of my favorite mani's so far :-)

This mani is inspired by peppermint and snow. I used China Glaze's You Only Live twice :-)

Butter London's Scallywag. Still having winter on the brain, lol. I went for clouds and snowflakes :-)

Thank You for looking! Have a Lovely Night

Maybelline Color Show Sequins

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I was, when I laid eyes on these polishes!! They are sooo gorgeous!! That Holographic glitter, ugh such a weakness!! I managed to get quite a few of them. I have a couple that I swatched and wanted to share with you. For $3.99 you really can't beat it!! I believe these were put out for the 2012 Holidays. I also know they are Limited Edition. I bought these at my work and I know Maybelline only sent around two bottles of each color. You can find these at Rite Aid. I imagine also, probably anywhere else that sells Maybelline.
I was actually a bit impressed with the formula on these. Being so full of glitter it is very thick, as you can imagine. I did add a couple drops of Seche Vite Restore, to mine. It made it a bit easier to use them.  On my mani's I used Gelous, two coats and Seche Vite one coat. If you love glitter polishes, as I do, I recommend you pick a couple of these up. They are really gorgeous!!!

Maybelline Sequins Rose Bling 825. With Sinful Colors Shirley and Bobby for undies :-)

Rose Bling 825 Blurred a bit to give you a taste of the insane gorgeous sparkle!!! I really loved this one!

A little side shot of Rose Bling for ya :-) It's so dang Beautiful!! I actually bought an extra bottle of this one :-D

A Macro of Rose Bling, to show all the glittery yumminess inside of it :-) :-)

Lavendar Sparks 805! Using one of those Halloween pumpkin head polishes. I apologize, as it has no name on it. 

Lavendar Sparks, sooooo freakn Gorgeous!!!

Look at all this Holographic glitter!!! LOVE this!!

Another slightly blurred pic. The Holo glitter makes me think of a disco ball  for some reason, lol. But I doooo soooooo adore this one!!

I hope you enjoyed the pics!! I highly recommend you don't walk, but run to your nearest Rite Aid, to grab hold of these Lovelies!!
Have an Awesome Glitter Filled Polish day :-) :-) 

Friday, November 9, 2012

Lacquistry Ashberry Freeze, Cornucopia and Pickin Punkins in the Patch

Boy oh boy, I have two lovely polishes to show you today!! Made by one of favorite polish makers, Jenna from Lacquistry Lacquer :-) The polish Ashberry Freeze was made for a fundraising event Jenna sold these polishes for. I unfortunately was working and missed out on all, but this beauty. I adore this color and am tickled pink or shall I say Berry ;-), I was able to snag it :-) Undies for this mani was Opi's Ate Berries in the Cannaries, one coat :-) This Opi color is such a gorgeous berry <3
 Cornucopia and Pickin Punkins in the Patch, is from her Fall collection. She released them shortly before Halloween. Unfortunately this baby was sooo sold out before I got to the Etsy shop :-( But I meet the sweetest woman on my nail polish sale site. She had lots of Lacquistry's that she wanted to sell and I was giddy with joy knowing I could buy them!! She told me she is going thru a phase, where she doesn't like glitter polishes anymore :-O Could you imagine a life without glitter!!! Ugh! I would die!
 Cornucopia is two coats. Cornucopia was again, the perfect formula and a drop dead gorgeous polish!! Undies are one of the new Maybelline Color Show Sequins in Cocktail Dress 835. I must say how impressed I have been with these Color Show polishes. But this particular shade was not fun to work with. I added some Seche Vite Restore to my bottle. I think I ended up going overboard with the restore, but it definitely helped :-)
 Pickin Punkins in the Patch, was also soooo beautiful!! I can't even begin to tell you how relieved I am to have been able to get my paws on these two Lacquistry's. I adore all her polishes, every one of them always AhMazes me!! Of course perfect formula :-) I used two coats of Punkin for this mani. Opi's German-icure, for undies, with only one coat!!
 Enough blabber and on to the gorgeous pics <3

Lacquistry Ashberry Freeze!!! Check out those ultra violet sparks <3

Lacquistry Ashberry Freeze

Lacquistry Ashberry Freeze

Lacquistry Ashberry Freeze

Lacquistry Cornucopia!! The perfect and ultimate fall polish!!

Lacquistry Cornucopia. That violet spark makes me giddy :-)

Lacquistry Cornucopia, a bit blurred to see a taste of the glitter goodness in this baby <3

Love this Lacquistry!!

I definitely loved Pickin these Punkins :-D

A little blurred, again for that scrumptious glitter :-D

Have a Lovely Day, my friends!!! Check out Lacquistry Lacquers on Etsy, her store
Follow Jenna on her facebook page for Lacquistry updates :-)

Friday, November 2, 2012

Nail Pattern Boldness's I Believe I Can Fly

Hello, my friends!! Sorry so long since I have posted :-( I do post my mani's everyday in the morning's on fb. If you would like to see them, here's the link to my page. I put the account setting on "Public" so any of ya'll can see my page :-)

 I really loved this polish!! The glitter in this is just gorgeous, those squares = Love :-) I wanted to make a nice squishy jelly sandwich, so I choose no undies for this mani. The formula on this polish is just perfect, also! I always do a white glue basecoat with glitter mani's these days. That glue is just priceless!! The only drawback, is I can't use glue on days I have to go work. What has started happening with me, is I use my hands sooo much, they slowly start popping off :-( I got tired of being at work with random bare nails. SO I stopped using on days I work :-)
Back to the polish. I was totally not expecting this polish to have little square red glitters in it!! When I did my Macro shot, I saw little purple square glitters in it too!! I can't even tell you how much I really love this polish! Those pops of red really make the polish for me :-) I did a total of 3 thick coats for these pics :-) Topped off with one coat of Gelous and Seche Vite. Hope you like the pics!!!

I love that I was able to catch some of those hard to capture, tiny pops of Red Glitter!! Check it out on my ring finger and pinky :-)

More red glitter sparks :-D Love those little squares suspended in the jelly polish!! To Die For :-) :-)

Love this close up pic!! You can see the squares suspended in all the layers of polish = my jelly sandwich :-) I also didn't expect to see those little square purple glitters in this polish!!! but it sure is there along with the little square purple glitters!! 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Lots n Lots of Nail Mail! with Hare Pegaus

Hello my friends!!!
Sorry so long since last post. I got caught up in work and pretty much life's daily grind. Anyhow yesterday was an awesome nail mail day :-) I got all sorts of goodies! Including my replacement bottle of Lynnderella's Stars in Her Eyes! I can't believe the difference between the good and bad bottle. It is such a bling bling polish! I am so in love :-D Also, I received my 3 Hare's I have been anxiously awaiting, yessssss!! They are Peagsus, Bisbee and A Positive, they look Gorgeous!!!  But Bisbee came without the Hare sticker :-( I also decided to try out an indie called Rainbow Polish. I bought Cupcake and Taffy. They simply look divine :-)  on top of all this, I got some of Opi's new Skyfall collection! Also, one of Dollish Polish soon to be discontinued colors Looking For Mr Big. An ingredient in Mr Big is making Dolly discontinue it. It is a Holographic polish, so I think it must be the Spectra-flair thats getting hard to come by or too expensive.
I choose Hare's Pegasus for my first mani out of the bunch :-) How dreamy the baby lilac color is in this baby. I could just Die! I did use undies for this mani although I am not sure if it really needed it. I choose Essie's To Buy or Not To buy, one coat. Pegasus, like all other Hare's lately, are so thick I have to add Seche Restore before I mani. Once I did that, I used two coats of Pegasus :-) One Gelous and Seche Vite. I love how the glitters stay so well suspended in this polish. There was no settling to the bottom at all. Also, I got lots of glitters on the brush, with a dip :-) On to the pics!!!
On the Left is the good bottle. This polish is so brite and blingy, I just Love it!!

These Hare's are just so dang beautiful!! Look at Bisbee, that color combo, Rocks!!! I messaged Hare about sending em a sticker for it. Hopefully I will be able to get one :-D

Left to Right:
Rainbow Polish Taffy
Dollish Polish Looking For My Mr Big
Rainbow Polish Cupcake

Left to Right:
On Her Majesty's Secret Service
The World Is Not Enough
You Only Live Twice

Hare Pegasus
Please excuse the pinky, didn't see till after the pics, oops!!!

Hare Pegasus