Monday, August 6, 2012

I Don't mean Rhinestones!!

Here is another beauty from Lynnderella's SSSS collection. This is the first polish I wore when I received the collection :-) Love at first sight for this beauty!! I adore the fine and small glitters in this polish. The shine and sparkle that comes off this polish is so special :-) You just wouldn't believe all the unexpected times I've had people ask me, what are you wearing? I just love your polish!! This is the most gorgeous Tealish color I own!!! And yes, I do have a back up bottle of this one also, you betcha!!!   Now the pic I have of me wearing this, wasn't the best paint job. But since I still had sooo many compliments on it anyway, I decided to share it :-) :-)

Lynnderella's  I Don't Mean Rhinestones

I have more swatches to post today :-) You can get your own SSSS collection on Ebay in Lynnderella's store. Her store is Lynnderella-Lynnderella. I have seen quite a bit Buy it Now's lately on this collection, so keep your eyes open!!!

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