Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Opi Bond Girl Honey Ryder and Pussy Galore

Afternoon, My Lovlies!!

I wanted to share with you some mani's I did recently. I had pre-ordered the entire Bond Girls collex and have got around to mani'ing these two.  I have been having alot of problems at home with my two Bengals. They have decided not to get along :-( It's been keeping me super busy at home. So for some time now, haven't had the time to post. I apologize for that.
Finally I am home from work, what a sucky day, Blah! and was determined to post this. I must say that idk why, but I have been avoiding, almost running away from the sand finish polishes. I thought it would aggravate me to death. Maybe like picking at it constantly or something. But when I did these two mani's I was sooo hooked! the finish is super gorgeous on! And it's not as texturize feeling as I thought it would be. The heavy glitter in all of them, is truly Beautiful!
Anyhow, on to the Gorgeous pics! Honey Ryder!!  :-) :-)

Next up is Pussy Galore! what a name, lol. But the polish is once again, so freaking pretty!! the last pic is blurry. I just wanted you to see how much these babies sparkle <3

I hope ya'll have a Lovely Evening and Thank You for Looking