Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ninja Polish New Glitter Color Changing Garnet

   I have a new gorgeous polish for you, friends!! It is the new color changing glitter polishes that have just started being made and come out!!! I saw 4 polishes debuted on Enchanted's fb page and thought thats the most enchanting and mystical thing I have ever seen!! Well I found these babies on Ninja Polishes page and OMG!! they are dupes for Enchanted's which hasnt been released quite yet :-) :-)  They are gorgeous and the formula is soooo awesome! it's not runny but a tiny bit thick. Applied very well with no dragging, yesssss!! For these pics I did the recommended undie, black. I used Essence's black polish, one coat. I then followed that with two coats of Color Changing Garnet.
    The duochrome in these are so freakn intense, it's crazy!! Being that it's so to catch color shifting on camera, I decided to play around by taking my pics of it underwater :-) Now bare with me,  I have a couple pics of this polish in the sun and then under water :-) :-) Now, I had to do these pics all alone, it was really hard to do! So excuse them being out of focus, cause when I took them it looked fine :-)
  I used gelous and seche vite after the two coats of the color changing garnet. I am stunned at the duo beauty of this polish! Here we go :-) :-)

ALl three Ninja's Garnet, Alexandrite and Zultanite

Garnet in the sun, gold and yellow was stron in this pic

Garnet can see green on edges. Some red, yellow and gold

Garnet, insane color shifting!!

Look at the green around the edges!!

This show all of the colors Green, red, orange, yellow, gold and  blue is in there!!!

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