Thursday, September 13, 2012

Smitten Confection

Good Morning :-)
Here's another lovely polish from Smitten called Confection! It comes from her most recent collection called Confection. I just adore this on. It reminds of that confetti cake, you can buy. Or even Vanilla ice cream with sprinkles on top. I mean it looks good enough to eat! No undies needed for this baby. I did end up with 3 coats. Unfortunately my nails are so stained with yellow and blue. I mean it really sucks :-( Luckily this polish wasn't very sheer. SO there was no need to paint a thick white on before I paint this polish on. The formula on this polish was amazing, which is the norm for all Smitten polishes. I know there's alot of white polishes out there with random glitter mixed in. But this one is so unique and my favorite.
Have you seen Smitten's entire Confection collection? The colors and polishes are really to die for. You should definitely check out her fb page for when she stocks her ETsy store. here is that link :
Also, Llarowe is selling her polishes now too. I have such a weakness for glitter and sparkle nail polish.   If you do also, you should give Smitten a try as they are sooooo extremely sparkly, love LOVE! heres a few pics :-) :-)

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