Monday, September 17, 2012

Crowtoes Hell Hath No Fury and little bit of glue chat

Wow!! this polish is AhMazing!! It has this insane color-shifting going on. Also, I noticed this blue/violet sparks that keep zapping out of it. I seriously can't stop starring at my nails! I really gives Props to Lauri for this one. You can seriously see she doesn't throw glitter together and she's done. There is just so much going on with it. There is definitely alot of depth to it as well. I didn't want to use black for undies, although I am sure it would be gorgeous!! I get soo tired of people always swatching over black :-( So, I looked for just the right match of color. That is a process I go thru when looking for the perfect undies for my Lynnderella's. SO, I finally found the exact right color, China Glaze's Riveting!! I swear they are a match made in heaven! hell Hath no Fury is Red but does have that strong orange to it. I like using undies cause it saves on your good and expensive polishes.
 The formula this Crowstoes has, is unlike another other Crowstoes I own. When you first see the bottle, you will be amazed seeing the formula shift ll around as you tilt the bottle. Meaning, it's almost perfectly formulated. Needing no thinning. I did my first mani no problem. But after I got was getting into my last few fingers, I did notice it was starting to want to be thick. But I think alot of it has to do with the thickness of the glitters in this polish. I do love how she doesn't get skimpy with the glitter. I mean one dip and you got glitter for half your nail! But there is alot of base in it, which evens it out almost perfectly!
I did one coat of Riveting. Two coats of Hell Hath No Fury. I then followed that with one Glitter Food, Gelous and Seche Vite. Oh!! I have been doing the white school glue now, before all glitter main's. It works wonderfully!! I have experimented a bit with it since I last chatted about it. I was thinking the trick to a perfect glue removal was keeping your nails buffed. But after many mani's later, I realized that adding that little bit of water to thin it was the problem. I find it removes much better if I leave the glue in pure form and not mess with it at all. It does make painting it on a bit more challenging. But it's not that bad and isn't a problem for me. But I do always follow the glue with a nice basecoat before I start the colors. Have you figured out any tricks with using the glue?

See those blue/purple sparks on my nails? and in the bottle. They are every where on your nails. They are every where on my nails. It's hard capturing that stuff on camera. But I can't stop starring at my nails, seeing those sparks flying, Love that!!

More blue/purple sparks flying on my nails :-) Love

See more sparks in the bottle :-) :-)

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