Saturday, September 29, 2012

Nail Mail!!!

What a fun past two days I've had :-) :-) Look what was waiting for me to grab out of mailbox :-) This happened right after Llarowe launched the Girly Bits Halloween collection!! I can not get over how gorgeous Apparition is. The pictures really do no justice to how it looks in real life. That bottle is glowing and sooo insanely gorgeous!!! It's funny how cameras make polishes look so flat and not as sparkly as it is in real life. This is just a quick post to show you how fun it is to get a Girly Bits package :-) :-) I know her shipping to the US is expensive. But if you figure how much cheaper her polishes are compared to Llarowe. Even with the expensive shipping charge it all evens out. So I see it as the same price either way. If you buy more than two polishes from Pam, it really pays off cause her polishes are cheaper :-) :-)
 I love the Orange tissue paper she used. Also the cute little bag of Candy Corn :-) Those extra touches make you feel special! Thank You, Pam for the Lovely packaging!!!

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