Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Enchanted Octopus Garden and Bonjour Paris

Sorry it's been a while since I posted :-( I have been super busy with work. This mani was simply gorgeous!! I must share a couple pics :-)  If you are like me and collect all the Enchanted polishes, you will see Bonjour paris pairs up well with a few of them. I choose Octopus Garden because I haven't seen any swatches with this combo together. I did two coats of octopus and two coats of Boujour. The formula of Boujour is simply AhMazing, just as all Enchanted's are :-) Didn't need to add any Glitter Tamer or Gelous, but I did add a coat of Gelous anway. I then topped it off with a coat of Seche Vite, as always :-) :-)
 I took a pic of Octopus by itself and then a couple with the combo together :-) I really enjoyed wearing these polishes, the color shift is to die for!!

octopus garden alone. Love that intense color shift! you can see the blurple around the edges of my nail. Burgundy on the top and on the very tip of my middle finger, you can see a hint of the gold color it also shifts too.

Octopus garden. This one you see Blue on tips, purple on front of nails bed. Then gold on the back top, gorgeous!!

Octopus, love this pic! Burgundy, blurple, AhMazing!!!

Octopus with Boujour Paris on top. Blue on nail tips and edge of nails. That pinkish burgundy color on top of nails.
another pic of the combo. my middle finger, closest to you had gold on the inner edge along with blue and a rdedish burgundy color

Man, you can almost all the colors shifting in this pic. So sparkly, love it!!

Another lovely pic. Color shift, color shift :-) :-)

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