Thursday, September 20, 2012

Enchanted's Witchful Thinking

I can't even begin to tell you how awesome and stunning this polish is. Just take my word and BUY IT!! If you can stalk and catch it in stock, it will be worth it's weight in gold! I am in awe at the beauty this polish beholds. Formula is nothing short of perfection. The Holographic glitter will pop out at you when you least expect it. It's sooo beautiful :-) When I opened my package yesterday with this collection, my jaw dropped at the beauty Chelsea has created. She's a genius!
I recently bought A England's Jane Eyre. When I saw Witchful Thinking and Jane Eyre side by side, it was a match made in heaven, perfect! SO for these pics I used only one coats of Jane and two of Witchful. Followed by two coats of Gelous and one Seche Vite. I didn't need to do two coats of Gelous. But I did because of my always wanting a glass finish :-) :-) Here's some pics to share with you  !!

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