Saturday, October 27, 2012

Lots n Lots of Nail Mail! with Hare Pegaus

Hello my friends!!!
Sorry so long since last post. I got caught up in work and pretty much life's daily grind. Anyhow yesterday was an awesome nail mail day :-) I got all sorts of goodies! Including my replacement bottle of Lynnderella's Stars in Her Eyes! I can't believe the difference between the good and bad bottle. It is such a bling bling polish! I am so in love :-D Also, I received my 3 Hare's I have been anxiously awaiting, yessssss!! They are Peagsus, Bisbee and A Positive, they look Gorgeous!!!  But Bisbee came without the Hare sticker :-( I also decided to try out an indie called Rainbow Polish. I bought Cupcake and Taffy. They simply look divine :-)  on top of all this, I got some of Opi's new Skyfall collection! Also, one of Dollish Polish soon to be discontinued colors Looking For Mr Big. An ingredient in Mr Big is making Dolly discontinue it. It is a Holographic polish, so I think it must be the Spectra-flair thats getting hard to come by or too expensive.
I choose Hare's Pegasus for my first mani out of the bunch :-) How dreamy the baby lilac color is in this baby. I could just Die! I did use undies for this mani although I am not sure if it really needed it. I choose Essie's To Buy or Not To buy, one coat. Pegasus, like all other Hare's lately, are so thick I have to add Seche Restore before I mani. Once I did that, I used two coats of Pegasus :-) One Gelous and Seche Vite. I love how the glitters stay so well suspended in this polish. There was no settling to the bottom at all. Also, I got lots of glitters on the brush, with a dip :-) On to the pics!!!
On the Left is the good bottle. This polish is so brite and blingy, I just Love it!!

These Hare's are just so dang beautiful!! Look at Bisbee, that color combo, Rocks!!! I messaged Hare about sending em a sticker for it. Hopefully I will be able to get one :-D

Left to Right:
Rainbow Polish Taffy
Dollish Polish Looking For My Mr Big
Rainbow Polish Cupcake

Left to Right:
On Her Majesty's Secret Service
The World Is Not Enough
You Only Live Twice

Hare Pegasus
Please excuse the pinky, didn't see till after the pics, oops!!!

Hare Pegasus

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