Friday, November 9, 2012

Lacquistry Ashberry Freeze, Cornucopia and Pickin Punkins in the Patch

Boy oh boy, I have two lovely polishes to show you today!! Made by one of favorite polish makers, Jenna from Lacquistry Lacquer :-) The polish Ashberry Freeze was made for a fundraising event Jenna sold these polishes for. I unfortunately was working and missed out on all, but this beauty. I adore this color and am tickled pink or shall I say Berry ;-), I was able to snag it :-) Undies for this mani was Opi's Ate Berries in the Cannaries, one coat :-) This Opi color is such a gorgeous berry <3
 Cornucopia and Pickin Punkins in the Patch, is from her Fall collection. She released them shortly before Halloween. Unfortunately this baby was sooo sold out before I got to the Etsy shop :-( But I meet the sweetest woman on my nail polish sale site. She had lots of Lacquistry's that she wanted to sell and I was giddy with joy knowing I could buy them!! She told me she is going thru a phase, where she doesn't like glitter polishes anymore :-O Could you imagine a life without glitter!!! Ugh! I would die!
 Cornucopia is two coats. Cornucopia was again, the perfect formula and a drop dead gorgeous polish!! Undies are one of the new Maybelline Color Show Sequins in Cocktail Dress 835. I must say how impressed I have been with these Color Show polishes. But this particular shade was not fun to work with. I added some Seche Vite Restore to my bottle. I think I ended up going overboard with the restore, but it definitely helped :-)
 Pickin Punkins in the Patch, was also soooo beautiful!! I can't even begin to tell you how relieved I am to have been able to get my paws on these two Lacquistry's. I adore all her polishes, every one of them always AhMazes me!! Of course perfect formula :-) I used two coats of Punkin for this mani. Opi's German-icure, for undies, with only one coat!!
 Enough blabber and on to the gorgeous pics <3

Lacquistry Ashberry Freeze!!! Check out those ultra violet sparks <3

Lacquistry Ashberry Freeze

Lacquistry Ashberry Freeze

Lacquistry Ashberry Freeze

Lacquistry Cornucopia!! The perfect and ultimate fall polish!!

Lacquistry Cornucopia. That violet spark makes me giddy :-)

Lacquistry Cornucopia, a bit blurred to see a taste of the glitter goodness in this baby <3

Love this Lacquistry!!

I definitely loved Pickin these Punkins :-D

A little blurred, again for that scrumptious glitter :-D

Have a Lovely Day, my friends!!! Check out Lacquistry Lacquers on Etsy, her store
Follow Jenna on her facebook page for Lacquistry updates :-)

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