Sunday, December 9, 2012

Lacquistry Snow-Way Jose

I finally received my lacquistry order yesterday, Yay!! I bought 12 of them and it was sooo hard to choose which to use first! I choose the snow polish :-) It really is sooo gorgeous! It has pearly Iridescent  and micro blue glitter. It truly does remind me of snow glistening in the sun. How cool, is the names Jenna comes up with! Wish I was that creative, lol <3
I hope you were able to snag some of the winter polishes in her launch, recently. There were sooo many! About 14 of them! I have such a hard time saying no to Lacquistry, her glitter polishes are like no others. Sooo So many more mani's to come with this collection. I have accumulated way too many Xmas polishes, theres no way I could wear all them before Christmas! Xmas, has such a special place in my heart, as it is such a magical holiday. I love the lights and Christmas cheer :-) But most of all, the polish :-D
So, I ended up using 3 coats of Snow-Way. I topped it off with one Gelous and one Seche Vite. This polish dried, dry. So it needed some shine. Between the Gelous and Seche Vite, It was perfect :-)

Wow! lol, had my kitty Dixie in my lap, while painting this mani, totally didn't notice that little hair, till making this post, lol. It's a good shot to show those gorgeous glitters in the bottle. 
You can really see those Iridescent glitters in this pic :-)

This pic captured the blue glitters very well. Along with the white hexes, squares, shards and circles

Another awesome shot of the glitters :-) yeah Ia m crazy about the glitters in this polish, can't you tell :-D

Thats all the pics, I have to post, If you missed out on any lacquistry's you've wanted. Jenna will be stocking her Etsy store again soon. she posted that after all her packages go out, she will post remaining left over polishes :-D

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