Friday, November 2, 2012

Nail Pattern Boldness's I Believe I Can Fly

Hello, my friends!! Sorry so long since I have posted :-( I do post my mani's everyday in the morning's on fb. If you would like to see them, here's the link to my page. I put the account setting on "Public" so any of ya'll can see my page :-)

 I really loved this polish!! The glitter in this is just gorgeous, those squares = Love :-) I wanted to make a nice squishy jelly sandwich, so I choose no undies for this mani. The formula on this polish is just perfect, also! I always do a white glue basecoat with glitter mani's these days. That glue is just priceless!! The only drawback, is I can't use glue on days I have to go work. What has started happening with me, is I use my hands sooo much, they slowly start popping off :-( I got tired of being at work with random bare nails. SO I stopped using on days I work :-)
Back to the polish. I was totally not expecting this polish to have little square red glitters in it!! When I did my Macro shot, I saw little purple square glitters in it too!! I can't even tell you how much I really love this polish! Those pops of red really make the polish for me :-) I did a total of 3 thick coats for these pics :-) Topped off with one coat of Gelous and Seche Vite. Hope you like the pics!!!

I love that I was able to catch some of those hard to capture, tiny pops of Red Glitter!! Check it out on my ring finger and pinky :-)

More red glitter sparks :-D Love those little squares suspended in the jelly polish!! To Die For :-) :-)

Love this close up pic!! You can see the squares suspended in all the layers of polish = my jelly sandwich :-) I also didn't expect to see those little square purple glitters in this polish!!! but it sure is there along with the little square purple glitters!! 

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