Saturday, April 6, 2013

Lacquistry AMAZEBALLZ!!!

I come with a near loss of words. First off, Lacquistry Nail Polish made a polish I have never heard of. This is Amazeballz!!!!!
It's a polish made of metal not glitter. I was drawn in immediately! Oh! and I need at least one backup:-) Anyways, this baby is super flush on your nail you cant even feel bumps or the flakes. its the most unusual thing. Also clean up? As us Italians say, Forget About It! :-) Comes off like butter.
I used NO top coat for this pic cause I wasn't sure what was going to happen. After I took these pics I added a top coat. It made made this polish shine even brighter! If thats even possible to say :-D
Showing it to Jordan, he said it looked like I have Gold Bars for finger nails! it's Simply Divine!
I could even see myself in the nails while taking pics! Jordan helped me show you how reflective this polish is. I could even see myself in the nails while taking pics! so if you spot blue, its my tv IN THE OTHER ROOM! the green and Red? They are Xmas lids. The black shows my clothing. He held them up near my nails to show you how reflective this polish really is!
I think Jenna will be restocking her store one more time. Stalk her Etsy store Here and FB page Here for a restock. Hint Hint... I would Love to see more polishes made of kind of metal in the future. It Rocks so hard over Glitter, anyday!!
OMG! I just thought of something...Can you imagine driving on a sunny day with this polish on, while driving! Woooowsers!!!
Jenna You Rock!!

 As Always, Thank You For Looking!!

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