Friday, April 5, 2013

Enchanted Britney SpearMint with Lynn's Lace, Love and Lilacs

Hello, Lovelies :-)
I recently picked up Britney SpearMint in llarowe's last restock :-D I have been doing alot thinking on which undies to choose for this polish. I have seen a mini boom of pics lately with China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint. I thought thats it! the perfect color for undies :-) :-) SO I searched thru my stash and found it, yay!!!
I used two coats of my China Glaze Re-Fresh mint. I then followed with two coats of Britney SpearMint. The formula on both polishes are just perfect! It's Enchanted polish, what more to say about that :-D 
When I posted J'Adore yesterday, I talked of it being a polish you need to layer. The same is true of this Enchanted polish. I love it! It gives you sooo many options! 
Now, my mani was just perfect with these two polishes. But I decided to push a little further with Lynnderella's Lace, Love and Lilacs. This is a classic polish that is soo clean and fresh. Has a mixture of white bars, with hexes of different sizes etc. The end result gives you that icy feel. Kinda like maybe snowflakes? Anyway, not sure if my finish was what I was trying to do. But none the less it is still pretty and I thought I would share it with you :-D Onto the pics

Thank you for looking <3


  1. Super pretty! I love minty colours <3

  2. Thank you :-) :-) If you don't own Re-Fresh mint, you should totally buy it :-) It is such a Gorgeous polish :-) :-)