Thursday, April 4, 2013

Enchanted Polish J'Adore!!!

FIrst off I must say, this is one Gorgeous polish!!
I wasn't sure at first if it was a polish that would paint opaque. So my first attempt was applying it on it's own. I quickly realized that it would take a few coats to reach opacity. SO I removed it and started over again :-)
I choose China Glaze's Rumple's Wiggen' for undies. I applied two coats. Rumple's is the most gorgeous pale lavender I own! It's super beautiful, I highly recommend having this beauty in your stash :-) I figured how stunning would it be to add a flat out gorgeous pinks shimmer to it! So, I then followed up with two coats of J'Adore.
The end result? A freaking kick butt mani <3
Here's the pic :-) :-)

Thank You for Looking, my friends!!!

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