Thursday, March 28, 2013

   Yesterday afternoon, I finally received Lacquistry's new collection! oh yeah! It was sooo worth the wait! I just couldn't figure out which one to wear first!
 I choose Butterfly Garden to mani up :-D I own a couple versions of butterfly nail polish, but this one? OMG! This is by far the best! Idk how she did this, but theres this very fine, super strong and intense, golden shimmer thru out the base of this base. It seems to change to green in different angles. Then she used a mixture of pinks and green glitter. It screams Spring!!! Jenna also choose pink holographic butterflies! They are Gorgeous!!! 

    I love laying my glitters on thick, maybe I should have not layered them so thick, so you could appreciate everything going on in it. But anyway, I am tickled pink (Wink) with my mani:-) :-) I love this polish!!
   I choose Opi's Pink Friday for undies. I love how this bubblegum pink looks, under the assortment of glitters! Oh and even under the perfectly balanced golden shimmer :-)
It was a hungry glitter, so I used one coat of Glitter Food, Gelous and Poshe. I did get a tiny bit of shrinking with Poshe. But probably not as much shrinkage as I would have had, using Seche vite.
   I am loving wearing this mani today :-)
Have the next 6 days off work, Whoooooot!!!
   Have a Lovely one, my friends:-) :-)
Please read about how special AmazeBallz is, after the pics ::-D
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I Love getting polishes from Jenna. How sweet and special is this? She always puts  a smile on my face :-) :-) :-) 

The back of Charity event, Love, Sick Love and Butterfly Garden!

Back of Chick-a-dee doo-da, Gratuitous Violet and Buttons and Bows

AmazeBallz! and Peony

Now idk if you knew this or not, but I must share with you about AmazeBallz. This is the first polish of this kind, I have ever owned. It is not made of glitter. It is made of small pieces of metal. The finish of this polish is so damn beautiful! It becomes almost a mirror. You can see your reflection on your nails! How damn cool is that!!!
Maybe you want to know what the clean up/removal of Amazeballz would be like? A piece of cake!! No glitter nightmare removing this baby.  Amazeballz, is super unique and one of a kind. I would run, not walk and try to snag a bottle of this special polish. Jenna is planning on restocking her Esty store very soon. You can keep up with on  Lacquistry's Facebook page

Also, her is the link to her Etsy store :-)

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