Sunday, March 24, 2013

Femme Fatale's Keeper of the Grove! Mana Ruby! and Fatal Attraction!!!

Oh My! where to start!! I luckily got my paws on the new Femme's :-D Each and every one in the collex, is just To Die For! I am going to start with Keeper of the Grove.
I decided to use China Glaze's Budding Romance for undies. But KOTG is sooo full of glitters that you really don't need undies for to reach opaque. Theres hearts, hexes, circles. Pretty much you name it and its in there! I Love polish <3 Two coats over BR

Next up is Mana Ruby and OMG! That iridescent blue/violet glitter makes me totally weak at the knees!! I am actually wearing it right now :-)  I will be sporting it at work tomorrow:-) :-) I was surprised with this one. Glancing at the bottle, I thought I wouldn't need undies. After I lifted the brush out the bottle, I realized how sheer it is. Non the less, I am in freaking love with it!
Zoya's Sarah is what I choose for undies. I then added two coats of Mana :-) I am giddy over how the glass flecks from Sarah, still shine thru after putting Mana on. This mani is truly Gorgeous!!!

Last but sooooo not least is, Fatal Attraction! Oh my this one is a total stunner! As a matter of fact, I will most def buy myself a back up bottle! Could you imagine like Unicorn puke in a Vampy world? Thats how I feel about this one. If you buy any from the collex, this is the one to get. Serious bling factor, Love It!!
I choose Chick Polish's Rocker Chick, for undies. My photo's do no justice for RC. It's a beautiful burgundy polish with lots of shimmer. I didn't get the lighting just right for my camera. But anyway, if you have never tried Chick Polish, you really should. They are AhMazing!
So I used two coats of Fatal Attraction. It dries to a matte type finish. So I used a coat of glitter Food, one Gelous and Poshe.

Well thats all I have to show of the new collex, for now.
Have a Lovely evening, my friends!!

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