Saturday, October 6, 2012

Lynnderella Undead Red

After laying my eyes on Undead Red, I knew I had to mani up immediately! I am such a sucker for nice beautiful red. Add some glitter and ahhhh, Love it :-) I wasn't originally too excited for this what looks plain red. But, this polish is unique in the fact that it throws out a violet/blue sparks that are, To Die For! Needless to say, I am contemplating a backup bottle of this one. The formula is nothing short of perfection, as always. I find myself wondering what does she have in this stuff. No other polishes are quite like Lynnderella's. All the glitter laid out perfectly, no need for dabbling with the brush, love :-) :-)
I choose Essence and Go's Fame fatal for undies, one coat. I then applied two coats of Undead red. Then followed up with one coat of Glitter Tamer, Gelous and Seche Vite. The glitter in the polish was super hungry. If you don't have Glitter Tamer or Food, you definitely need Gelous to quench it. I recommend grabbling this collection on Ebay if you can get lucky to snag it. It won't disappoint you.

Grabbed a little pumpkin candle for a couple pics. Thought it would be fun to show some contrast of color :-)

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