Saturday, July 13, 2013

Enchanted's Ice Castle and Disney!!!

Hi Ya'll!!
I first off want to apologize for the long long hiatus, since last post. I have been super busy with Life in general and my kitties! They are two bengal sisters, whom have loved and lived together for several years now. Only to turn on each other in a one hour time period, while I was asleep. We had a Cat Behaviorist come to our home and get us on a plan to work them back together. I have been sooo stressed past few months, constantly having to keep them separated, its been tough! But hopefully within about 6 or 7 months, we will have it worked back to normal, fingers crossed!
I did my first "Dry Stamping" recently and love it sooo much, I was dieing to share with you! Idk if you have ever tried this or not but Here is the link to the blog where I discovered this fun stamping!!
I purchased this Limited Edition stamping plate from MyOnline Shop Here . I Love the stamping plates she offers. They are loads of fun and endless possibilities!
Dry Stamping is loads of fun too! You can decorate your stamp with either acrylics or nail polish! Also I love the fact that you can have total control on where you place your stamp. I never can seem to exactly center my stamps and with this way, it's perfect every time!
Okay, so for this mani, I have on coat of Cult Nail's Tempest. Followed up with two coats of Enchanted's Ice Castle, sooo Gorgeous!!! After adding the prepared stamps, I added a topcoat to seal it in :-) :-) Then I used some nail tape and a rhinestone on the blank fingers. Now, my full intention was to have a princess for each finger. But I was too hasty and tore several of them :-( But, I still love how this turned out.
Oh yes! I couldn't resist posting this mani without throwing in some pics of my precious babies!!!

Have a Lovely Day, My Friends!!
As always, Thank You for Looking!! 
And Good Luck with your stamping :-) :-) :-)

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