Monday, July 23, 2012

Lynnderella's new Sweet Something for a Summer Solstice

I was lucky enough to grab Lynnderella's new Collection!! Right away I knew I had to start sharing pictures of these lovely little beauties :-) :-) Swatches of these precious beauties will be soon to come. Just when you thought Lynn can't create anything more beautiful, she created this Collection. It just knocks your socks off when you see it in person. The formula itself is nothing but amazing, as all her polishes are.
There is no other polishes that exist, that you could even compare to Lynnderella's. I believe they are in a class of her own. Every time I wear one of her polishes, I get stopped with compliments throughout the day.  It would be a dream come true to me, to be able to own all her polishes:-D Just when I think she can't create a blue or gold etc. polish, with more beauty, she does! I believe there could be no other with as much creativity as she has. I admire her very much. The fact that she chooses to share her treasured beauties with us, is very special gift. My Lynnderella's are so special to me I keep some of them locked in a safe :-) I also enjoy the names she comes up with for her babies. Every time she creates a new polish, the name always seems so perfect. I wish I could have creativity to do such a thing. It takes a very special talent to be able to think up such names. When you look at the polishes and their names, they fit so perfectly. Lynn just amazes me :-) :-) SO, on to the pictures. These are total eye candy, Be prepared to Drool!!!

Top row Left to Right: I Don't Mean Rhinestones, Common Sense, The Garden of Even, Deep Blue Seeing, Connect the Dots and A Neutral Party
Bottom Row Left to Right: GLass Houses, Golden Rules, Salad Days, Inner Space, Kabbalah Bracelet, 50 Shades of Maybe and Pentimento
This is one picture of all the polishes together. Initially my favorite was When a Moon was a Star. But after I saw them, I realized I love each and everyone of them. They are all my favorites :-) :-)

Glass Houses, Golden Rules, Salad Days, Kabbalah Bracelet and i Don't Mean Rhinestones
Here is Glass Houses, Golden Rules, Salad Days, Kabbalah Bracelet and last but sooo not least is I Don't Mean Rhinestones.

50 Shades of Maybe, When the Moon Was A Star, Pentimento, Inner Space and Connect The Dots (New Formula)
When I was looking at the swatches that Lynn made when she debuted the new Collection, Pentimento and Inner Space looked similar to me. When you see them in person, they could never be more different! I love love Pentimento :-) It's stunning!
Know here are the last four :-) :-)

The Garden of Even, Common Sense, Deep Blue Seeing and A Neutral Party
The Garden of Even, Common Sense, Deep Blue Seeing and A Neutral Party. I wore The Garden of Even recently and could not stop starring at my nails!! You just couldn't imagine the shimmer, shine and sparkling that will be coming off your finger tips! I believe this is one of the two polishes with bleeding glitter in the collection. It could NEVER be more perfect! If bleeding glitter is what it took to make this priceless beauty, than thats perfect!! I adore this color very much. It's mind blowing how she can take the Bleeding Glitter Taboo and go head to head with it!! Pure Genius!!!
Thank You for looking at my prized polishes :-) :-) I realized recently that I needed to acquire back up's of these polishes, because I never want to run out!
These sets come up on Lynnderella's ebay store to purchase from time to time. Keep your eyes peeled because they sell out in seconds!!
Have a Lovely day :-) :-)

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